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Ministries and Equivalent Organization
+ Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)
Investment Promotion Department
Laos-China Cooperation Committee
Center for Development Policy Research (CDR)
Special Economic Zones Promotion and Management Office

+ Lao Government
+ Ministry of Finance
+ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
+ Ministry of Health
+ Ministry of Industry and Commerce
+ Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
+ Ministry of Education and Sports
+ Ministry of Public Works and Transport
+ Ministry of Science and Technology
+ Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

ASEAN Countries Statistics
+ ASEAN Statistics Division (ASEANstats)
+ Brunei Darussalam Statistics
+ Cambodia Statistics
+ Indonesia Statistics
+ Malaysia Statistics
+ Myanmar Statistics
+ Phillipines Statistics
+ Singapore Statistics
+ Thailand Statistics
+ Timor Statistics
+ Vietnam Statistics

International Organisations
+ The United Nations Statistics Division
+ European Statistics (eurostat)
+ Statistics Korea